AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
Weekend mail call:

Martin from San Mateo, CA: Bill, great blog. I've been following it this year and you do a great job with it. Do you have any updates on how Merriman is doing with his surgery rehab? Are Gates and LT going to have off season surgery? Thanks, Martin.
BW: Thanks, Martin. I caught up with Merriman in Pittsburgh on Sunday and he said he will definitely be ready for training camp. He has no doubts he will be back. He said he feels 100 percent healthy. Tomlinson is hoping to avoid surgery but it's unclear whether he'll need it.

Bryan from Chicago: I was wondering, now that the Chiefs have landed Pioli what are their chances of acquiring Matt Cassel?
BW: It may be difficult because New England may put the franchise tag on him. If Cassel is free, the Chiefs could pounce on him.

David: do you think Ted Sundquist has a shot at Detroit or Cleveland?
BW: The former Denver general manager interviewed with Kansas City before hiring Pioli. Detroit has some interest in Sundquist and he could end up there at some point.

San Diego: How is there even a thought of trading LT? With the injuries this man has had this season he still rushed for 1,110 yards and had 11 td's... he is still very productive he just needs rest in the off season, because the chargers run him into the ground every year with 300 carries... if they trade him they will definitely have a running back problem.
BW: It's his age and his price tag. Don't worry. This thing has a way to go before it will be resolved. Expect something to happen in late February. If I had to guess I'd say Tomlinson restructures his contract and stays in San Diego.

Austin from San Diego: Do you have any idea when Brett Favre is going to give his spot up on the Pro-Bowl roster to Philip Rivers? It seemed like it was going to happen after the Jets collapse at the end of the season combined with Favre's poor play, and Rivers getting the Chargers in to the playoffs. Nothing's happened lately, so i was just wondering if you had an update on the situation. Thanks!
BW: I would think anytime. Favre rarely went to Hawaii anyway.