You pick it responses

We had a record number of responses for our “you pick it: AFC West storyline” feature.

And nearly everybody agreed: the story of the week was Kansas City’s big upset win over four-time defending AFC West champion San Diego on Monday night in the renovated Arrowhead Stadium. The other candidates were Denver promoting rookie quarterback Tim Tebow to No. 2 quarterback over Brady Quinn and Denver trading for running back Laurence Maroney from New England.

I agree with the readers. It was the Chiefs’ win. It’s nice that the big news is the action on the field. Football is back and perhaps so are the Kansas City Chiefs.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Damian from Kansas City: Top storyline hands down has to be Kansas City's win on MNF. I was one of those screaming fans in the stands and I can tell you that despite my drenched clothes, I never felt a drop of rain. Arrowhead magic is back, and the 12th man on the Chiefs defense has returned. Two delay of game calls courtesy of the Arrowhead Faithful, a 94 yard punt return by a rookie (all of whom looked great), a 4 play goal line stand by an exhausted defense, and a 56 yard streak of red and gold (also goes by Charles) flying towards the endzone. What a night!

Andrew from Boulder, Colo.: It has to be the Chiefs beating the Chargers this week. While the Chargers rallied (kind of) in the second half, it was clear KC developed a successful game plan to beat the reigning AFC West champs. Rivers and Jackson were a great tandem. Now teams without top-tier corners but a decent pass rush need only to put pressure on San Diego's somewhat depleted offensive line and double cover Gates to reign in the former offensive powerhouse. Chiefs absolutely NEED to play Charles (a.k.a. CJ2) more, as he is their greatest of few offensive weapons, but their defense looked very capable. All this praise from a diehard Broncos fan. Finally, years of high draft picks paid off for one AFC West team.

Dan from Pratt, Kan.: Unquestionably, the Chiefs win over SD on MNF is the AFC West event of the week. All 3 of the other teams in the division lost; Denver named their #2 QB; and Denver traded for yet another Running Back; no offense to the other teams, but, Ho Hum.KC was picked by many to be last in the division; they beat the expected division winner on national television. An exciting game, down to the Chargers' last play. That's Football!

Sam from Blue Springs, Mo.: Its got to be the Chiefs over the Chargers. Monday Night looked like the old days, with the defense controlling the game and all 77,000 + on their feet. Arrowhead got one of the best quarterbacks in the game to get extremely frustrated and the Chiefs Special Teams looked awesome!

Dave Soutee from Springfield, Mo.: Chiefs Over Chargers is the obvious pick.You can't over-estimate what this game means for the Chiefs; the organization, the team and especially the fans.I have been a lifelong fan, and I wasn't sure we would ever see the atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium return to its legendary ways. I had chills for most of that game.

Rob from the Bay Area: I'm thinking the Chiefs win is the big story. Mind you, I'm an all out die hard Charger fan, but I was hardly bitter about the upset. I remember what it was like to be a bottom dweller, to lose most games and just not even be that competitive. It's depressing. Then, you get a slick new stadium, you're featured on MNF for the season opener, the crowd is roaring full throttle and you take out the number one team. You gotta be kinda stoked for these guys. I'm not saying the Chiefs are magically over the hump, but that's a night for them to celebrate for sure.

Chaylon from Kansas City: It has to be the Chiefs beating the Chargers. The first Monday Night football game for Kansas City in years in a new and improved Arrowhead outshines all other moments for the week. The Chiefs have been down and out for three years now and they came out in front of the nation and beat the defending the AFC West champs. Tebow being the number 2 quarterback was assumed already after seeing Quinns performance in the offseason and Maroney is going into Denver to be a backup to a weak rushing attack. Chiefs win the You Pick It, hands down.

Will from Harrisburg, Pa.: In my opinion the story of the week has to be how the Chiefs pulled out the opener against the Chargers. I didn't think that the Chiefs looked all that great, especially in the second half, but their defense showed up and held their ground. it's huge news that San Diego would drop their first game, given how many people were picking them to win 10-13 games this season. Of course they still can, but I'm starting to doubt they will. Tebow is supposed to be #2 in the Rockies; the Maroney trade is only big news if he succeeds at being a better RB than he was in New England; I still think they guy is a softie.

Jimmy from Nebraska: It pains me to say this but isn't the story of the week the Chiefs. For a couple of years the team has been a roll over. The great fans have put up with some bad teams. Monday night, we saw 12 men on the field. The stadium came alive. We saw it affect Rivers. No red kool-aid drinking here, but the team is going in the right direction.

Wes from Missouri: Has to be the Chiefs win. Not only because it was a win for the Chiefs but has far reaching implications for the whole division. Basically the Raiders for as bad as they looked in the first game are even with the Chargers for second place as is the Broncos. Not only that but I can't recall a rookie class being so much of an impact on a team as what I witnessed Monday night. If that was a preview of things to come this Chiefs team is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Chris from Merriam, Kan.: It has to be the Chiefs beating the Chargers for several reasons: KC was the biggest home underdog last week. Their rookies made big contributions. The front 7 was supposed to be suspect and played well with very sold tackling especially Glenn Dorsey and Derrick Johnson. The special teams were very special. The offense has some work to do, but it was a very good team effort. The coaching was very good for the most part.

Biggs from Springfield, Mo.: It has to be the chiefs winning their Monday night opener. I was fortunate enough to have been there, and I can honestly say I don't remember the last time Arrowhead was rocking that loud. AMAZING video package and fireworks display before the game that had everyone jacked. Even with the annoying weather, there wasn't a person wearing red that didn't leave on cloud 9. Ya it wasn't pretty at times, the passing game was basically non-existent, but the Chiefs had to find a way to win that game for so many reasons and they did just that. The rookies are exciting, players like Dorsey had their best games, and best of all the defense made a stand at the end where last year san diego ties then probably wins. Great night/week to be a chiefs fan, hopefully a sign of things to come.