AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

Hayden from Sundance, WY: Bill, I am a huge Oakland Raider fan, and I have many things that are on my mind and want to know what you think about them. 1) The Raiders need a receiver (BAD!!!)and Anquan Boldin is not happy in Arizona... 2)A left tackle like Michael Oher of Ole Miss be a great pick at 7, and 3) Gruden having a comeback to Oakland. If these three things are capable of happening what are they and would they benefit the team?

BW: I think the first two scenarios could happen. Boldin wants out and Oakland needs a receiver. I could see the Raiders making a big run at him. Oher is likely to go right in the area where Oakland picks. The Raiders have the No. 7 pick and Oher could be a prime candidate for Oakland. As far as Gruden coming back to Oakland that would be a shocker at this point.

Sierra Vista AZ : In which week are the Pro Bowl selectees picked?

BW: After Week 15.

Kansas City: Bill, why wouldn't Pioli consider either Jason Garrett for the head coach or Gruden? Garrett and Matt Castle would be an awesome combination and the other coin Gruden would bring some much needed intensity to this program

BW: If Scott Pioli replaces Herm Edwards, his target may be Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley. But nothing can be done before the Super Bowl. Garrett could be an interesting candidate but he's been available the entire time Pioli has been in Kansas City and nothing has been done. If Pioli wants Garrett he's had his chance to get him.

Manolo from Colorado Springs: Great job reporting on the AFC West! I read your blog everyday just to stay informed. Now with Julius Peppers expressing his desire to test the market and wanting to play in a 3-4 defense, what are the odds the Broncos go after him? This would be a HUGE addition to our porous and lack-of-pass rushing defense.

BW: Sure, it could happen. Denver won't have a ton of money but it will have some money. You're right, Peppers would be a great fit in Denver and he would be a signature face for the start of the Josh McDaniels era.

MONTREAL: Bill, Is there any truth to the rumour that Marc Trestman might be offered the Raiders head coaching position or some other position? Thank-You Darren

BW: Trestman is a former successful offensive coordinator in Oakland. I've heard his name connected to both the head coaching job and the offensive coordinator job. If Trestman ended up back in Oakland, it would likely be as an offensive coordinator.