You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Here are this week's "you pick it" responses. The candidates were Denver passing game coordinator Jeremy Bates going to USC; the Chiefs dragging their feet on deciding the fate of coach Herm Edwards and Tom Cable's situation in Oakland.

The slow-moving situations in Kansas City and Oakland caught most the imagination of readers. Here is some of what you had to say. Thanks to those who participated:

Matt Hubert from Erie, Pa: Story of the week? The sad state of Raider Nation. It?s embarrassing being a Raiders fan these days. It?s bad enough routinely finishing at or near the bottom of the standings. But now they?re finishing last in the coaching search, too. And it?s not like too many high-profile candidates flocking to Oakland is the problem. You certainly won?t see recently-made-available hot commodities Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden anywhere near this job. The problem is Al Davis. Keep Tom Cable (he finished the season strong) or move on and hire someone else (Cable was 4-8 with several bad losses). But make a decision and stick with it. Whether it?s Cable or someone else, the next coach of the Raiders has to be given at least 3-4 years to make his mark on the team and try to lead them back to respectability.

Pano M. from Salt Lake City: Hey Bill, aspiring sports journalist (Go Utes!) and big Broncos fan here. I would have to say the Chiefs staying undecided is the biggest story. I understand Pioli weighing his options and initially wanted to give Herm a fair shot but this is getting ridiculous. As you wrote with Cunningham leaving there isn't much of Edward's staff left. Why doesn't Edwards save what pride he has left and resign on his own terms, instead of dragging out this embarrassing ordeal? I know he probably wouldn't want to quit on his players but he has to keep his own interests in mind, like his image, and maybe go get a D-coordinator job. Thanks, love the blog.

Ryan from New Jersey: Chiefs are the best story by far. The Raiders will be horrible with Cable or without him, so who cares. And Bates leaving wasn't the worst thing in the world, because although Cutler had a lot of yards, I wasn't impressed with the amount of TD's. Going back to the Chiefs, this delay might be a show of things to come. In a cuthroat league like this, you need to take action and take it fast. If Pioli does this with other executive descicions (Free Agents, Trades, Draft etc.) he could be in a lot of trouble. This is a desicion will be a deciding factor for the next 10-20 years of Chief's football because if they can get a coach (or keep one) to put the pieces together, and possiby get other players outside of the orginization to come in and help, we might see a good Chiefs team in a couple of years.

Big J from Sac: Withouot question, the story of the week is Pioli not making the decision on Herm. Clark Hunt built up some good will with Chiefs fans by firing King Carl and hiring Pioli, but everyone knows Herm HAS to go, so why not get it done and move on while there are still a few good coaches available. I heard that they didn't want to do it on MLK day or Inaguration day, but they could have done it last week! We need every second of offseason prep to get this team back on track!

Parker from Boulder: Cable is definitely the big story. Not only because no one knows what is going on and yet somehow he is still with the Raiders despite being free of his old contract, but that he may be the future coach of the Raiders. Although there is reason to doubt his HC skills, he showed hope toward the end of the season, the players support him and most of all he can actually work with Al Davis. Its a Raiders dream to find a long term coach and if he can do well, or even mediocre for now, we may actually have the luxury of some coaching stability.

Dave from Denver: BW. I would say it is tie for Inactivity by both the Chiefs and Raiders. The Chiefs can only hide so long behind the "we have a new GM" statement. As for the Raiders - Al is putting together the entire staff except the HC which is pretty normal for him and will get the same results he has for the last 6 years.