AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Dan from San Diego: Do you think LT would ever accept a pay cut? Aren't there bonuses for when a player reaches certain milestones in a season? What if those were added/increased along with a pay cut?

BW: I could see the two sides coming to an agreement on a restructured contract. Nearly every player gets one at some point. Tomlinson said he wants to stay and if he truly wants to stay it might have to come with a pay cut. But there are always bonuses and incentives that are written into deals so players can recoup some money.

Brian: What do you think of Dre Bly? I think he didn't do that bad this year considering he had champ on the other side. if teams have to choose between champ and dre they are going to chose dre. lots of people are saying he needs to go somewhere else. what do you think?
BW: Bly actually played very well when Champ Bailey missed about half the season with a torn groin. Clearly, Bailey is the better player and Bly does get targeted when Bailey is on the field, but he did fine this season.

Erik: Hey bill, I'm a diehard raider fan and i was wondering what are the chances the raiders finally give Asomugha a long term contract that he deserves, and do u think he would take it. I would hate to see him go like woodson did.
BW: I think that is up to Asomugha. He has given hints that he is tiring of the losing. I think he is franchised one more time.

Cliff: Whats the chances we say Ray Lewis in a chiefs uniform next year? It would be awesome to see #52 flying around in red
BW: Lewis will want to go to a winner. I would be surprised if Kansas City appeals to him.

J from New York: What are the chances the broncos could land Rey Maualuga with the 12th pick or will he be gone by then?
BW: I think he will be one of the targets. He'd be a perfect fit for Denver. It needs an impact player and he is one. I think he will probably be picked right in the area where Denver picks. It has the 12th pick so yes, I think it is realistic.