Sharpe supports Bowlen's move

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

In the midst of one of the biggest weeks of his life, Shannon Sharpe had time to discuss one his favorite subjects: the Denver Broncos.

In a phone conversation, Sharpe, who is a finalist for induction into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, gave his thoughts on the bombshell that shook the Broncos recently when Denver owner Pat Bowlen fired coach Mike Shanahan after 14 years. Two weeks later he hired 32-year-old New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

"I hope it is all going to work out," said Sharpe who was a superstar tight end for Denver during its Super Bowl years. "If Mr. Bowlen is happy, I'm happy. I think everyone was surprised by this thing ... but the NFL days of Tom Landry being in Dallas for all those years are over."

Sharpe points to the Broncos' home defeat to Buffalo on Dec. 21 as the day of doom for Shanahan. It was the second straight loss for Denver which ended the season with three straight defeats. All the Broncos needed to do in the final three games of the season was to win one game.

"I think that Buffalo game really got to Mr. Bowlen," Sharpe said. "All they needed was to beat the Bills at home and they couldn't get it done. That game really kind of made up his mind, I think."

Sharpe said he is interested to see if McDaniels can make the transition from being a young offensive mind to overseeing the "whole Broncos team."

"What he did after Tom Brady was hurt in the early minutes of the first game and had success with Matt Cassel, who didn't start a game since high school, that was very impressive," Sharpe said. "I think he showed he could be ready. ... It will be interesting to watch."