Don't expect Jackson to play for Chargers

The Vincent Jackson saga will likely be quiet for the next few weeks.

The trade window passed Wednesday afternoon, and now Jackson can’t be traded until Oct. 18. The NFL trade deadline is Oct. 19.

There is a very small chance Jackson will be traded then. Thus, he will likely not play in the NFL this season.

As of now, Jackson has no plans of reporting to San Diego all season long. He is holding out because he wants a long-term deal. The Chargers have no intentions of giving him a deal.

San Diego was open to dealing Jackson, but at their terms. Jonathan Feinsod, one of Jackson’s agents, said Wednesday they had multiple deals done for Jackson, but the Chargers didn’t get an offer they wanted.

The Chargers wanted two second-round picks. Perhaps when talks can resume next month, the Chargers will take a second-round pick and perhaps a fourth-round pick. It is unknown if there will still be high interest in Jackson that late into the season.

If Jackson is not traded, don’t expect him to change his mind and join the Chargers.

There is too much bad blood. Feinsod took a huge shot at Chargers GM A.J. Smith on Wednesday.

Said Feinsod: "Archie Manning had it right," a reference to Manning's reluctance to have Eli Manning play for San Diego after being drafted by the team in 2004. "They call [Smith] the Lord of No Rings for a reason."

Smith is not the type to take personal shots with a smile. On the day a Jackson deal fell apart, the relationship between the player’s camp and the team crumbled as well.

This relationship is over. The only question is will it end with a deadline trade or with Jackson sitting out the season.