AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

Will from SD: Hey Bill, love the blog. I have a question about the Chargers' draft this year. A lot of the more recent mock drafts have the Chargers taking a running back with their first pick in the draft. However, doesn't it make more sense to take an impact defensive player? I'm actually not convinced that Merriman is going to resign with the team when he becomes an unrestricted free agent, and I think adding an impact linebacker or defensive lineman might be more beneficial to the defense than risking money on a high-pick running back. Thoughts?

Bill Williamson: Will, I can see both points. Replacing LaDainian Tomlinson in the draft, whether he is with the team or not in 2009, is a good idea. But if there is an impact player available at either linebacker or defensive line, the Chargers need to consider going those routes as well. Picking 16th, I think the Chargers are in a good position to find a solid player who will help regardless of the position he plays.

Adam from Bismarck: Lets say that Mel Kiper is right about the Broncos drafting B.J. Raji in the first round. What are the chances that a linebacker like Brian Cushing will still be available in the 2nd round?

Bill Williamson: Raji had a great Senior Bowl week so he is rising up draft boards and he may be difficult to get at No. 12. Denver will look at other defensive linemen and linebackers. As for getting Cushing in the second round, I think he will be a top-25 pick at this point.

Joe from Sacramento, CA: Hey Bill, I love the blog and your doing a great job. I was just wondering what are the realistic chances that Denver parts ways with Champ Bailey? I know he had a down year but he still is our best defensive player and an elite corner and would be a the foundation in the secondary. Keep up the good work!

Bill Williamson: Thanks for the kind words, Joe. I wrote about the possibility of Bailey potentially playing elsewhere last week. I think a lot would have to happen to get to that point. But Bailey will want to discuss a new contract sooner than later. If the Broncos aren't interested in paying Bailey, an issue would possibly arise. But, right now, I'd say the odds are that he does return. And, yes, he is still the Broncos' best defensive player.

Rob from KC: Bill, just wanted your thoughts on if you think Brian Billick would be a GREAT head coach of the Chiefs? Should they at least give him som Consideration?

Bill Williamson: Billick would be an interesting choice. He has a ring and he is a pro. I haven't heard his name much but he is a proven solid football coach.