Around the AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


Terrell Davis is starting to believe in Josh McDaniels.

My take: The Broncos are a proud franchise and there are many former stars like Davis who are keeping their eye on this situation. Mike Shanahan was a legend to many in Denver so McDaniels will have to prove to those people he is the right person to lead this franchise into the future.

Kansas City

Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley is mum on the Chiefs' opening.

My take: Of course, he will be quiet about this one. With the biggest game of his career looming, there is no way Haley will discuss the opening in Kansas City and create a distraction for himself and the team. After the Super Bowl, of course, all bets are off.


John Marshall could be a defensive coordinator candidate in Oakland.

My take: This is just another sign that interim coach Tom Cable will be the head coach. It would be difficult to believe another head coach being in the mix with coordinator already being discussed.

San Diego

The Chargers aren't moving to Los Angeles yet.

My take: Until a new stadium deal is struck in San Diego and until another team relocates to Los Angeles, this will be an issue for the franchise.