Plummer critical of Shanahan

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer put an exclamation point on the team's firing of longtime coach Mike Shanahan.

Plummer said the firing was "past due" in a story in the Denver Post.

Plummer's stance is not surprising. He and Shanahan had a falling out when Plummer was benched in 2006 with five games remaining in the season in favor of then-rookie Jay Cutler. Many in Denver believe that Shanahan handled the Plummer situation poorly when Cutler was drafted with the team coming off a 13-3 season. Shanahan and Plummer often had animated on-field discussions when Plummer was the starter.

Plummer abruptly retired after 2006 partly because of the bad taste in his mouth left by his final NFL season.

In the Denver Post story, Plummer said Shanahan became more interested in the team's statistical rankings than winning games and he questioned Shanahan's ability to motivate.

These are opinions that others have shared privately. Yet Plummer, two years removed from the game, clearly feels like he has nothing to lose by expressing his opinion his former coach.