Game plan reason why Tebow was No. 3

At his news conference Monday, Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels indicated that his backup quarterback may be a week-to-week situation depending on the game plan.

In a surprise, rookie quarterback Tim Tebow was the No. 3 quarterback and Brady Quinn was Denver’s backup against Indianapolis. Tebow beat out Quinn late in the preseason and he was the No. 2 quarterback in the first two games.

McDaniels said Tebow wasn’t active Sunday because the team had no packages for him. Tebow played in a limited role in Week 1 at Jacksonville, but he didn’t play against Seattle in Week 2. McDaniels said Tebow will be active depending on if there are packages for him.

“I think the other thing is that we considered the game plan and what (the quarterbacks) do well and what the other team does and how that fits their style,” McDaniels said Monday. “If they get a handful of reps in practice and/or it’s a team where our game plan is really set more for Brady or more for Tim , depending on the week -- I think we use all that information to try to make the best assessment we can -- including whether we’re going to do something with Tim. Last week, just happened, like I said it was a situation where we felt more comfortable with that based on the game plan. (We) didn’t have anything in (the game plan) relative to Tim being in the game and playing a role in it and we’ll try to do that the best we can each week.”

With Denver struggling in the red zone, perhaps it will design some packages for Tebow near the goal line.