AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Don from Denver: With the Broncos drafting at number 12 do you think BJ. Raji or Ray Maualuga will still be on the board? With Denver going to the 3-4 defense next season both of these guys might be a nice place to start. Your thoughts please. Thanks, Don

Bill Williamson: There are just about three months to go before the draft so a lot can happen. I think, at this point, Rey Maualuga may have a better chance of being available than Raji, who is soaring up draft boards after a huge week at the Senior Bowl. Yes, either player, I believe would be a nice fit for Denver.

Ben from Greeley: If the Chiefs realy are persuing the idea of Haley, how realistic is a package deal for Coach and QB. I don't know what Warners deal is, but seams like he has been signing short term deals to get on the field and has talked a fair amount about retirment. If Thigpen is not the answer, Warner might be talked into overlooking the Chiefs record and follow a coach and fill a large need until younger talent is devoloped or found. Looks like talk and interest in Cassel, but at what cost, and is he that good, or just another servisable Elvis Grbac. Warner is older, more injury pron, but maybe cheap enough to get us a couple of years down the road.

BW: Some folks would like to see Warner's backup, Matt Leinart, come with Haley if he does end up the coach in Kansas City. Leinart is younger and perhaps a clean start could help ignite what still could be a promising career.

Matt from Toronto: Hey Bill, do you think the trio of Rivera, Johnson, and Wilks will be able to motivate the Charger defense early in the season and get them to play at their potential level?
BW: I think it is significant that Rivera knows he has some of his own guys to work with. Rivera took over the defense in San Diego at midseason. Thus, he had to work with Ted Cottrell's staff. Now Rivera has people that he is comfortable with. I expect San Diego's defense to be very strong next season after an offseason of Rivera implementing his system.

Michael from Pueblo: Bill, it's still kinda early for this question, but who do you think the Broncos starting Running Back will be? I think it should be Peyton Hillis.
BW: Way too early. The team will likely bring someone in but Hillis and Ryan Torain will both likely get a hard look by new coach Josh McDaniels.

Aaron from Los Angeles: What are the chances of the Raiders moving up or down in this draft?
BW: The Raiders draft seventh. They are looking at receivers and left tackles. And there will likely be a few solid choices to pick from at No. 7. So right now, I think Oakland will approach the draft by seeing what plays out. But again, it's early in the draft process.