Breaking down AFC West Power Rankings

ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 4 were released Tuesday. Here are my thoughts on how the AFC West teams fared in the rankings:

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Power Ranking: 15

  • My Power Ranking range: 5-7.

  • Why: The Chiefs are way under-ranked as we stand today. All we know is what the first three weeks have showed us and the Chiefs are better than the No. 15 team in the league.

San Diego Chargers

  • Power Ranking: 18

  • My Power Ranking range: 12-14

  • Why: The Chargers aren’t doing themselves any favors. Their sloppy play is making people think they are worse than they are.

Denver Broncos

  • Power Ranking: 23

  • My Power Ranking range: 22-24

  • Why: This is about right. The Broncos aren’t embarrassing themselves, but they aren’t ready to be a consistent winner quite yet.

Oakland Raiders

  • Power Ranking: 28

  • My Power Ranking range: 25-28

  • Why: Oakland still doesn’t know whether it’s a bad team or a team on the upswing. It has a chance to get better, but there are still problems on this team.