You pick it responses

The Kansas City Chiefs have captured the imagination of AFC West fans.

Thus, the Chiefs’ 3-0 start is the winner of this week’s” you pick it ”AFC West storyline contest. Kansas City is one of three unbeaten teams after winning a total of 10 games the past three seasons combined.

The other candidates were the death of Oakland legend George Blanda at the age of 83 and San Diego left tackle Marcus McNeill ending his holdout. The Blanda and McNeill stories had some support, but the Chiefs’ fast start was the clear winner.

I can’t argue with it. The Chiefs’ 3-0 start is fascinating and it’s good to see people are noticing it.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Marc from Denver: Story of the week has gotta be the Chiefs. Let's not be too hasty in anointing them as the class of the AFC West just yet, but Chiefs fans are extremely happy about what they're seeing. Not just because they're 3-0, but because the franchise is establishing a foundation for LONG-term success. It's the rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players that are winning games. Pioli and Haley are building something special in KC, Bill.

Ben from Des Moines: Its gotta be the chiefs 3-0 start. I think some people thought the chiefs MIGHT be able to compete this year just for the simple fact that the division is considered weak, and even though the year is still young, the chiefs have shown they are for real. They are playing good in all 3 aspects of the game. I think the the mix of new coaching with having the BEST draft in the league this year was huge. We've got a couple good tests coming up with road games at Indy and Houston, but i see us as real contenders this year no doubt!

Andres from Vista: It has 2 b w/o a doubt McNeill returning 2 the Chargers. many said this team isn't super bowl caliber w/o McNeill & VJ. As shown the the Chargers can get through w/o VJ .

Adam from Nashville: Gotta be Blanda. When a true legend and a throwback hall of famer dies, that becomes so much more than anything on the field.

Rob from Houston: AFC Story line: McNeill reporting to the Chargers as the team goes 1-2 brings up a significant question: why didn't Charger General Manger A J Smith anticipate contract problems with McNeill and Jackson and prevent these from occurring? He acts as if he is surprised about their holdouts, when each player clearly signaled their intentions long ago. So, when the San Diego Chargers make business decisions that hurts the team's chances of winning games, fans make business decisions not to attend home games.

Bryce from Tucson, Az.: Respects to Blanda, but the storyline is by far the Chiefs being 3-0. Nobody outside of the most optimistic Chiefs fans could have predicted this start and they are probably the top story (record wise) in the NFL, much less the AFC West. There is always a 'worst to first' team in the NFL, and this year it looks like the Chiefs are it.

Chris from Merriam, Ks.: It has to be the Chiefs. Cellar dwellars the last 3 years. Underdogs in all 3 games this season. Yet they win. It starts up front win with good line play. They have a stout running game, and electrifying special teams. The coaching has been good. Yes, they have had some good breaks, but this team is putting itself in a good position to win.

Jonah G. from Lawrence, Ks.: This is a no brainer Bill. Due respect to George Blanda but the story this week as it has been since week one is the Chiefs. There are many doubters but the numbers don't lie. I will go out on a limb and say they will also steal one from either the Colts or Texans. The Chiefs are legitimate contenders for the AFC West title.

Joe from Langdon, Ia.: It has to be the 3 and 0 Chiefs. After being one of the worst teams the last three years the new look Chiefs are one of the most exciting teams to watch. Every time anyone touches the ball their is a potential for a touch down. They are young and fun to watch and when Eric Berry, who is playing great, gets no notice as a rookie you know they had an awsome draft. This is just the beginning for one of the more exciting teams to watch.

Steve James from Great Bend, Ks.: The story of the week has to be Blanda passing. The Chiefs doing good and another holdout signing pale to that.

Steve from Fallbrook, Ca.: As a Charger fan, it is good to have McNeill back. The biggest news is the Chiefs 3 ?? 0 start. That organization made solid off-season moves with the draft and coaching staff. They have the best record and so far are the surprise team in the NFL. The Kansas City fan base is faithful and overdue the success their team is having right now.

Mark from Sierra Vista, Az.: This week's story line has to be the Chiefs. George Blanda is a strong second--I still remember him in the Silver and Black giving the Chiefs fits--but, who'da thunk the Chiefs would be 3-0.