AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Mike from Las Vegas wants to know if I think Kyle Orton is an MVP candidate.

Bill Williamson: Sure, why not? Orton is playing terrific football. He looks very comfortable and he’s making plays throughout the field. Last year, in his first season in Denver, Orton was not throwing deep much. Now he is using the entire field. Orton just doesn’t make mistakes. There are few quarterbacks in better control of his offense than Orton right now.

Andy from Provo, Utah wants to know if I think the Chief’s fast start is comparable to Denver’s fast start last year.

BW: The Chiefs are 3-0. Denver started 6-0 and totally collapsed, losing eight of their final 10 games. Denver became the second team since 1978 to start 6-0 and not make the playoffs. So, it is very unusual. I think it is unfair to the Chiefs to say they are going to fade like Denver did. They are totally different teams. Let’s give Kansas City a chance to play the games and let them win or lose on their own merit.

Joey from San Jose wants to know what has impressed me the most about the AFC West so far this season.

BW: It’s been a pretty good month for the division. There’s the Chiefs fast start, there’s the huge yardage thrown by San Diego’s Philip Rivers and Orton (both are on pace to set NFL single-season records for passing yards) and there’s emergence of Oakland running back Darren McFadden. Yet, what most impresses me most, so far, is how well the defenses are playing in the AFC West. All four teams are doing very well on that side of the ball. San Diego is ranked No. 1 in the league on defense. The division has been stronger on offense in recent seasons, but there is fine defense being played in the AFC West in 2010.