Trade market for Vincent Jackson shrinks

Vincent Jackson's most ardent pursuer is no longer looking for a receiver.


JacksonMinnesota just brought back Randy Moss in a trade with New England for a third-round pick. Last month, Minnesota had a deal in place for Jackson, but the Vikings couldn't agree on compensation terms with the Chargers in a deal for the holdout Pro Bowl receiver. The Vikings offered a second-round pick and a conditional pick. The Chargers wanted a second and third-round pick for Jackson.

San Diego can resume trade talks for Jackson on Oct.18 and Oct.19. The 19th is the trade deadline. If Jackson is not traded by the deadline, he is expected to hold out for the entire year. Jackson’s days as a Chargers are all but over. If he doesn’t get traded and he leaves as a free agent, the Chargers will likely get a third-round compensatory pick in 2012.

The Chargers will likely be willing to deal Jackson on Oct. 18 or 19, but it will be interesting to see what the market will be now that the Vikings are all but out of the mix. On the day the Minnesota deal died, ESPN’s John Clayton wrote that Seattle, St. Louis, Detroit and Washington all showed interest. It’s unknown if any of those teams will show interest in two weeks.

The natural question now is if New England will make a run at Jackson now that they have a hole at receiver? New England has the draft picks to get a deal done, but I highly, I mean highly, doubt San Diego would trade Jackson to an AFC contender. All of the other teams talking to the Chargers about Jackson were NFC teams and that was by the Chargers’ design.

The Chargers’ game after the trade deadline is against the Patriots. I just don’t see the Chargers putting themselves in that situation.

The odds are that Jackson won’t be traded just because of logistics. Minnesota’s move for Moss further lessens the chance of a deal.

In the meantime, the Chargers’ offense is moving on with Jackson. While Jackson is a fine player, the Chargers don't seem to miss him much. They are the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL and quarterback Philip Rivers threw for a franchise record 455 yards in Week 3.

Here’s further evidence the Chargers don’t miss Jackson: According to ESPN Stats & Information, Rivers has the highest passer rating in the NFL on balls thrown 21 yards or longer. Rivers has completed 8 of 12 passes of 21 yards of more for 305 yards and four touchdowns. His passer rating is 149.3.