You pick it responses

The unlikely event that the Kansas City Chiefs are the last remaining unbeaten team in the NFL is the AFC West “you pick it” winner of the week.

The other candidates were San Diego linebacker Shaun Phillips getting four sacks and an interception return for a touchdown in a rout over Arizona and San Diego starting strong safety Steve Gregory being suspended for four games for using a banned substance.

The Chiefs’ story was an easy winner. The 3-0 Chiefs were on a bye last week when the other unbeaten teams, Pittsburgh and Chicago, lost. I agree with the readers. The Chiefs may just be 3-0 but this is a fascinating storyline no one could have predicted a month ago.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Brian from Durango, Colo.: The Chiefs are the last undefeated team in the league. and i think they will send a message sunday that they are not a fluke. they have FOUR first round picks in the front seven (hali, D johnson, dorsey and jackson) as well as a first round safety and what should have been a first round corner in flowers. the talent has always been on the defense its just they never had anyone that knew what to do with it and how to do it. Now they do, romeo has done an exceptional job of bringing this unit to respectabillity and no its no fluke. this defense has the athleticism and potential to be one of the best if they continue to improve. special teams is hugely improved with dexter and javier along with the coverage teams. and on offense, we have 2 of the top 10 rushers in the league with a scary slot receiver and a big jumping WR (dbo). its a complete team and we have to think that they should only keep improving do to the time required to really gel and these rookies to really learn the game. the chiefs are for real, they finally found a match made in heaven with the coordinators and it seems the whole organization is being run very efficiently and effectively with promising results and a very promising future.

Matt from Amez, Iowa: Deffinitely the Chiefs. Nobody, and i mean NOBODY predicted them being 3-0. and if they play at the top of their game on Sunday, 4-0 isnt too farfetched

Bryce from Tucson: How can it not be the Chiefs being the last undefeated team? Philips had a big day, but it was against Arizona and Max Hall. Come on. When a team that has won 10 games the previous three years is on top of the standings alone, that has to be the top story.

Bryant from Riversdale, Calif.: The story has to be the utter domination of 95 Shaun Phillips. Four sack, pick six games just don't happened every week for a reason. His performance as speaks in the larger picture how good the D is and still can be. They are number 1 in the NFL currently but because the aren't the Ravens, Steelers, or Jets no on talks about them.

Nick from Washington, DC: I''d have to go with Phillips big game against Arizona for the AFC West story of the week. With Merriman, Tucker, English, and Applewhite out Phillips was able to step up and crush the Cardinals passing attack. This story could even be rolled into perhaps one of the bigger surprises in the AFC, the Chargers #1 ranked defense. Rivera has put together a stellar bunch of mostly unknown's and its looking fantastic.

Andre from Vista, Calif.: Has 2 be SPs big day. It doesn't matter who you're playing to have a day like that in the NFL isn't an easy thing. All this does it build up confidence & momentum!

Bryan from Fort Bragg, N.C..: It has to be the chiefs being the last undefeated team of the year. i mean how many people, experts or fans, would have predicted this honestly before the season started. not only are they the last undefeated team, but they are in the top of the league in defense again and their offense is coming around as evidenced by the blowout against san fransisco. if they knock off the colts this sunday, they will definately deserve top honors on the next espn power rankings. GO CHIEFS!

Chris from Palmdale, Calif.: The big story is definitely the Chiefs being the last undefeated team. Not only is it a huge surprise that they are the last team without a loss this season, but it's a pretty strange turn of events that for the first time since the 70s, they are the last undefeated team with only 3 wins. So far every team in the league has shown their flaws and the Chiefs are only getting stronger. And obviously it's a huge achievement for them to be in the position they are in, considering they have recently finished their seasons with about as many wins as they have now. Bravo to Haley for turning this team around and kudos to the Chiefs organization for allowing for rebuilding the last 2 seasons. I'm excited to see how far they can go with this, even though I'm a Broncos fan

Jesse from Kirksville, Mo.: The story has got to be the Kansas City Chiefs. Sure, they're on their bye week, but they've beaten every team theyve played so far, though they were expected to lose. They finally have found a formula that works, one that involves dividing reps between CHarles and Jones and it is working. Now for the test: the Colts passing game versus the Chiefs running game. Are you ready?

Adam from Nashville: As much as I hate them, the Chiefs being undefeated after all the rest have fallen is the big story. While it is not Randy Moss big, it is still huge and until they lose, they will continue to be a big story. But, I would suspect the 72 Phins will pop the cork within the next two weeks.