AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Steve from Springfield, Mo., wants to know if Denver could trade rookie Tim Tebow because of all the uncertainty at the position around the league.

Bill Williamson: I would be very surprised if it got to that point. You are right, there is a lot bad quarterback situations in the NFL. But the Broncos really like Tebow and they are committed to him. Plus, it is doubtful any team would give a first-round pick for Tebow. There’s no way Denver would just gave away he No. 25 overall pick from the recent draft. So, no, don’t expect Tebow to be traded anytime soon.

Mike from Las Vegas wants to know if the Chargers could trade holdout receiver Vincent Jackson to New England.

BW: The Patriots are a logical pursuer. They need a receiver and they have a load of 2011 draft picks after the Randy Moss trade to Minnesota. But I don’t see a scenario where the Chargers would deal Jackson to New England unless the compensation package was off the charts even though there have been reports that the two teams have talked some. The Chargers’ next game after the trade deadline is against New England. I wouldn’t think they’d want to face Jackson this season. Plus, it would be very difficult for San Diego to trade such a great player to an AFC competitor.

Jerry from Denver wants to know if I think the Broncos will sign star cornerback Champ Bailey to a contract extension.

BW: They have talked a couple of times this season and they have made some progress. Still, a deal is not complete. I wouldn’t be shocked if Denver sees how the CBA climate is in the next few months before committing to any extensions, a tact many teams are taking. Still, Bailey’s deal needs to be finalized. He is an unrestricted free agent after this season and he will be popular on the open market.