ESPN analysts are high on the Chiefs

ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" crew is high on the Kansas City Chiefs, who started the season 3-0 heading into today’s game at Indianapolis.

The following is a taste of the mostly positive comments the analysts had to say about the upstart Chiefs:

Keyshawn Johnson: “They’re as real as a slice of bread. When you look at this football team, they’re out there having fun. They’re young and playing the way they should. And they’re being coached by a guys with a lot of experience. The guys that Herm Edwards drafted are playing better for this staff.”

Cris Carter: “They got it right because of the head coach. When they hired a young, offensive-minded coach in Kansas City in Todd Haley, they got it right.”

Tom Jackson: “How did they win? Special teams, smoke and mirrors and defense, and I believe at some point that harms them. You have to have a quarterback that plays well in this league to get to the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs. At some point the QB has to play better.”

Mike Ditka: “Kansas City, they didn’t make the schedule. They’re not a mirage. They haven’t used mirrors. They’re 3-0. If they lose today, they’re still up by one in their division. You better take them serious.”