McNeill deal won't affect Jackson saga

The San Diego Chargers have solved the Marcus McNeill issue by agreeing to terms with him on a new deal.

So, does that mean their other player with a contract issue – holdout Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson -- will soon see his problems with the Chargers resolved?

Not very likely.

Even though McNeill and Jackson held out together for months, there was nothing connecting their holdouts. They were separate situations. McNeill clearly wasn’t as committed to holding out as Jackson is, since he ended his stalemate after two games.

One of the reasons why Jackson decided to stay away is the Chargers have been uninterested in giving him a new deal. The Chargers have long wanted to give McNeill a new deal. Now, that the Chargers have the No. 1 ranked offense without Jackson, there is certainly no change of heart on the team’s part.

And, by all accounts, Jackson is still committed to staying away from the team all season.

San Diego can trade Jackson either Oct. 18 or Oct. 19, which is the trade deadline. A deal looks unlikely at those point. There is a chance St. Louis could show renewed interest because Mark Clayton will be out for the season. As the Chargers end one saga, don’t expect the other saga to change much.