Merriman reacts to impending release

Linebacker Shawne Merriman, through his publicist, released a statement about his forthcoming release from the San Diego Chargers.

San Diego put Merriman on the injured reserve list with a minor injury and the team must release him when he regains his health this season. He is expected to play for a new team in 2010.

Merriman was a star pass-rusher for the Chargers from 2005-07 but injuries have limited him since 2008. Merriman was very positive and complimentary of the Chargers in his statement. Here it is:

“I have been blessed to call San Diego my home for the past six years. I can’t say enough about my teammates, the coaching staff and of course the fans who have made my career with the Chargers such an amazing experience. I am approaching this situation as an opportunity to grow as a player and to bring my leadership and talents to a new organization. I am ready for the next chapter in my career and I am excited about the opportunity to continue my journey with a new team.”