AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

James from Kansas City: Do you think the Chiefs should draft Mark Sanchez or any QB with their first pick? I've been a Chiefs fan my whole life and I think they need to be able to pressure the QB. They had 10 sacks last year, thats sad. I think they should trade down if they want QB and get Josh Freeman or if I was GM I would get Percy Harvin, but who do you think they should get?

BW: I think Kansas City needs to address their defense with the No. 3 pick. If the Chiefs believe Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry is worthy of the choice, they should pick him. If not, I think Kansas City should trade down and compile more picks.

Derek: Am I the only one that thinks the Broncos back up linebackers Woodyard and Larsen played the best this year. I know D.J. is supposed to be the best, but I watched every game and Woodyard especially was everywhere. Larsen may not be a long term answer, but he's better than anyone else on the team. Draft an ILB keep D.J., Woodyard, and Larsen and you have a good start next year.

BW: First of all, D.J. Williams is the goods. He's a player. But yes, Wesley Woodyard should get a chance to play because he was a playmaker last year. He needs to be on the field. As far as Larsen, he needs to have a good training camp before he is given a starting job. Denver wants to go to the 3-4 defense so they will need some linebackers to step up. Woodyard and Larsen certainly would help the cause.

Skip: Bill, Since the Bolts have shown they can find a RB on day 2 of the draft, and the top OL and DT's might be gone, do they have the luxury of taking the "best avilable player" at 16?

BW: Yes, I think every team should get the best player available. If the team redoes LaDainian Tomlinson's contract and secures Darren Sproles contact, they likely won't take a running back. The Chargers need a linebacker and they may have their choice of several good players at No. 16, so that is a possibility as well.

White Plains: The question I have NEVER heard answered was "Was Shanahan offered a Holmgren deal by Bowlen?". That is, was he offered a chance to stay as coach but give up GM duties. Shanny is a great offensive coach. But on dfeense, he is hands-off and as a defensive GM, he is awful. Methinks he was given that option by Bowlen and declined it. So the question is Does he demand to be a GM as well? You did not discuss that at all.

BW: From everything I know, Bowlen never gave Shanahan that option. I believe Bowlen had his mind made up in mid-December that if the Broncos blew their three-game lead in the AFC West in the final three weeks of the season he would let go of Shanahan. And that's what happened.