Is it time for Air Tebow?

Tim Tebow has not thrown an NFL pass yet. That may be changing.

TebowTebowDenver coach Josh McDaniels said Monday that he is not averse to having the backup rookie throw the ball while he is on the field in special packages. Tebow scored on a 5-yard touchdown run Sunday in a loss to the Jets. He had six carries for 23 yards in the game.

Tebow also played in Week 1. He had two runs for 2 yards. McDaniels knows that to make the Tebow package effective there must be a threat of the pass.

“We certainly can throw the ball with him out of it,” McDaniels told reporters in Denver on Monday. “We haven’t yet, but I think we can’t do the same thing with it week, after week, after week. I think that’s something where if you’re going to use it — it’s kind of like the Wildcat or the (Jets WR) Brad Smith stuff that they were using. I think the defense knows that if it’s a quarterback back there, you certainly have to be ready to play the pass and that’s would be certainly the case with Tim. We’ll see how it goes. I know it gave us some good plays yesterday. We’ll probably continue to tinker with it, including his ability to throw the ball too.”

McDaniels made no promises when Tebow will play in the future. He indicated it will be continue to be a week-to-week situation

“Now everybody has kind of seen us do different things from it and we have to try to find a way to be creative and see how far we can take it and continue to make it productive,” McDaniels said.” I don’t want to just do it just to do it. If we can continue to be productive with it, then I think it makes sense to do it.”