Sound-off responses

It appears that Denver Broncos fans are open to seeing more of rookie quarterback Tim Tebow on the field if it can help the 2-4 team win.

Tebow, the team’s backup, scored his first NFL touchdown on a 5-yard run in a 24-20 loss to the Jets. It was the second time Tebow has played this season. He has run the ball eight times for 25 yards. He has yet to throw the ball, but Denver coach Josh McDaniels has said he is not opposed to having Tebow toss the ball when he is on the field in special packages. In fact, McDaniels said the threat of Tebow passing the ball makes him more effective.

Readers are on board with this. But some are concerned that Tebow’s presence could disrupt starter Kyle Orton. I don’t think that is an issue. Tebow will only play on occasion to mix it up. Thus, it won’t take Orton out of his normal rhythm.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

K. Franklin from Highlands Ranch, Colo.: The Broncos should learn from the Jets game and periodically use Tebow as an option in short yardage situations and the red zone. They've been terrible in those situations so far this season and plugging in Tebow as a run/pass option might help.

Patrick from Parker, Colo.: I think its great to use Tebow to get a new look at the opposing defense and to help the dysfunctional running game. My main concern comes from when Orton is driving the team down the field and has some momentum and then McDaniels puts in Tebow and the momentum is stopped. This was best seen on the second to last drive for the Broncos when the game was tied at 17-17. Orton is driving, and they get into around the 40 yard line or so in Jets territory and they dink around with the Tebow Wild Horses. They do two running plays with Tebow, Kyle throws an incomplete pass, stalls the drive and the Broncos kick a field goal. This isn't saying that if Tebow was kept out of that drive that the Broncos would have scored but if Orton has that team marching down the field, LET ORTON KEEP MARCHING. I know he could have done it.P.S. Denver had a great crowd at the game. The Broncos and the fans came ready for that game!

Chris from Denver: If KO was not doing well, I would love to see more TT. Since KO is playing lights out, I think using TT as a compliment to the offense is the best way to go. Using him too much too early ends up on game film. And we definitely want to show the opposition something they have not seen late in the season.I think coach McDaniels is doing a awesome job.Mr. B, please sign Champ sooner than later. It is money well spent.

Jeff from Denver: Response to your mailbag question about Tim Tebow: I hate gimmicks in football. I would rather see the Broncos line up and play it straight up. Kyle Orton is the primary reason that we've been competitive this season. Replacing him with Tebow is an opportunity wasted. Just leave the best players on the field and continue to build chemistry and comfort with the schemes.

Ryan from Fort Collins, Colo.: To even think of insulting Kyle Orton with the year he's having to let Tebow try and throw the ball is ridiculous. The Broncos are 2-4 and haven't played a divisional game yet so there is still a good chance of making the playoffs, and the only quarterback I want throwing is Kyle Orton. The numbers have spoken for themselves. People praised Orton for his ability to play like this even after the Broncos drafted him, and now that Tebow scores a 3 yard touchdown, we want him to start throwing? Seriously? When we are 5-10 then give Tebow some throwing reps but do not jeopardize the season by getting Orton out of the fantastic rhythm he's been in so far.

Brian from Chicago: I want to see the Broncos win games, inparticular close games where we have a chance to win, i.e. against the Jets, Colts, and Jaguars. I don't care what role Tim Tebow plays in our offense or what type of plays, running vs. passing, he runs when he's on the field as long as we start coming out on top in winnable games. This is an issue stemming from the entire team's play, not one skill position. McDaniel's needs to focus his energy on this issue and deal with Tebow's role after the team learns how to win close games.

Jacob Kelly from Dickinson, N. Dak: I think they should use him in goal line or inside the 10 yd line. He creates problems for opposing defences because he can score a couple different ways. I'll be at the Oakland-Denver game on sunday, and i'll be surpised if he doesn't touch the ball at least a few times.

Eric from Colorado Springs: It's a no-brainer. For a team that is dead last in rushing and struggling to score in the redzone, how could you not do whatever you can to utilize the talent you have in order to put yourself in a better position to score? While Orton and the offense looks great between the 20's and are putting up great passing numbers, they aren't really getting the ball in the endzone. Tebow is a dual threat option and could be a red-zone nighmare for D-coordinators. Gonna try to load up to stop Tebow on the run? Since Tebow is the runner, that frees up another blocker to open a hole, or you can even let him throw to a TE on the run that gets freed up because everyone is keying in on stopping Tebow....I'm dissapointed it took McDaniels this long to realize he should use Tebow in these situations....Jump pass anyone?

Max Strahan from Orlando: Kyle Orton is having a great season so far, but hasn't been getting the job done in the red zone. What would it hurt to let Tebow try and get the ball in? Tebow should get more chances to run the ball, and chances to throw the ball, not only would it be a threat if successful, it's good playing time for Tebow to gain experience.As a Broncos fan, I'd love to see Tim Tebow get the ball more. Why? Because I'm curious to see what hes got of course

HB from MX: just sometimes, no need to use every game/red zone situation, this time was right, considering the red zone trouble, but the team need to work in solve this issues, and no depend in one particular player.Regards!!

Matnip from Houston: His appearances in week one, as bad as I wanted to see him on the field, killed momentum. This week, he added to the gameplan and it just worked, probably because we had productive first downs. I do think they need to let him throw a pass just so teams have to spend more time preparing for it.

Matt D. from Albuquerque: I want Tebow used in any way to help Denver get wins. It would be nice to have him pass once in a while to keep defenses honest.I don't think that Tebow should be starting this season unless the season is lost or Orton is injured. Tebow will be he future, but it is not now.

Nick from Highlands Ranch, Colo.: Bill,I'm glad to see Tebow in the game plan more but I think they need to mix it up with him a bit. Literally every play they have run with him has been a run, mostly up the middle. Let him throw the ball and see what happens. I'd like to see a play action pass or two on a deep go route or post to Gaffney or Lloyd. Guaranteed 6 if they connect!