AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

KC: What is your thoughts on the Chiefs trading LJ to Cleveland for Derrek Anderson?

Bill Williamson: You know, KC, at first blush it sounds OK but player-for-player deals are difficult. If this were to happen it would be a nice deal for the Chiefs. They are getting rid of Johnson, anyway. If the Chiefs could get a player who could compete to be the starting quarterback it would be huge.

Kent Kaiser from Commerce City, Colo.: Hi Bill, Love the blog; keep up the great work! If the Broncos can sign a quality nose tackle like Grady Jackson in free agency, do you think they'd look at Malcolm Jenkins at #12? If his combine speed is a little slow, is there any chance of him falling that far? Thanks!! Kent

BW: Thanks, Kent. I think there are going to be many moving parts with a zillion scenarios. Look, Denver is going to bring in 5-7 new defensive starters. The Broncos need help in all three levels of the defense so there is really no way of knowing how they fill the holes in the draft until they start filling them through free agency. Right now, everything is a possibility.

Michael from Los Angeles: Sup BW, just wondering what you think the role of Tony Scheffler will be this upcoming year with the Broncos. To be honest, i'm a little scared he is gonna be forgotten like Ben Watson was in New England.

BW: Scheffler is a favorite target of quarterback Jay Cutler. I don't see him being phased out by the new coaching staff in Denver.

Siles From Carson: Bill, considering such quick turnarounds like the Falcons and the Dolphins, what do you think the chances of the Chiefs making a similar playoff push? They have plenty of cap room, a new GM and head coach, and not to mention the 3rd overall pick. What are your thoughts?

BW: Every year, there are teams that make quick turnarounds. The key in Kansas City is on defense. If the Chiefs can make dramatic improvements on defense, they will be competitive in a fairly weak division.