Chiefs, Raiders should beware of Alabama's Smith

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders may be in the market for a left tackle in the draft.

They have to be careful about Alabama's Andre Smith. He is showing signs you don't want to see out of a top prospect.

A couple of months ago, Smith was considered a top candidate to be the first pick of the draft. Smith is still a top prospect because of his immense football talent. But Smith's growing off-field concerns could cost him.

The Chiefs have the No. 3 overall pick and Oakland has the No. 7 pick. The Raiders are more likely to be in the market for a tackle than Kansas City but it wouldn't be a shock if the Chiefs opted for a tackle.

Again, Smith is certainly worthy of the Chiefs and Raiders' attention because of his skills, but both of these teams cannot afford to take a risk.

The draft is loaded with tackle talent this year so there are other options. Gambling on Smith just may not be worth it for the Chiefs and the Raiders.