AFC West news and notes

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Rocky Mountain News takes a look at the available defensive backs Denver may look at in free agency, which commences Friday. Expect Denver to try to add two or three defensive backs as it rebuilds its defense.

The word around the LaDainian Tomlinson talks in San Diego is that it is conceivable that a final decision on whether the running back takes a new deal or gets cut could be delayed until the weekend. There is no hard deadline but the hope was to get it done before the new league year starts Friday. The longer the talks go, could be a sign of complications.

However, this is a serious matter to all parties and it will be diligently addressed before anything dramatic occurs.

Also percolating is the situation of Raiders' receiver Javon Walker. If Oakland cuts him it will be a big salary cap hit for a team that is already tight against the cap.

The team may try to get Walker to take a pay cut and give him another chance to make an impact in Oakland. It wouldn't be a complete shock if Walker, 30, opted not to play. He has suffered serous injuries three of the past four seasons and admitted last August that he had to be talked out of taking a year off to clear his mind earlier in training camp.

A source close to safety Gibril Wilson, who was cut last week by Oakland, said Denver and San Diego have yet to make inquires about the safety.

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