Rob Ryan's parents call Oakland tenure 'a setback'

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Former players have made it a habit of taking shots at the Raiders in recent months.

Now, we've hit a new low. We have the parents of a former coach taking pots shots at the Raiders.


Our AFC East blogger Tim Graham spoke to former NFL coach Buddy Ryan and his ex-wife Doris while researching a column on their son, new Jets coach Rex Ryan, which posted Wednesday.

Rob Ryan, also the son of Buddy and Doris and the former Raiders defensive coordinator, departed from Oakland to Cleveland last month. According to his folks, it was about time. Both Buddy and Doris Ryan thought Rob's time in Oakland was detrimental to his career.

"Rob's time spent out in Oakland was a setback, but he'll overcome it," Buddy Ryan told Graham. "He's got a good job there with the Browns. He'll make that defense a lot better than it was."

Added Ryan's mother: "Rob's career was set back when he went to the Raiders," Doris Ryan said. "He went because it was a coordinator's job, but it was a mistake. He's out from under that now, and we'll hope he's back on track."

The Raiders have been through a lot in recent years, but the scorn of the Ryans takes the nuttiness to a new level.