AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Tre from Troy, NY wants to know if I think the Broncos are rethinking drafting Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant.

Bill Williamson: I think you are asking this question because Bryant has played so well early. And it is a legitimate question. Bryant looks like he is going to be a special player. But I don’t think Denver regrets the choice. It really likes Thomas and he has shown flashes of becoming very good player. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas becomes a Pro Bowl player. One of the big reasons Thomas was chosen over Bryant is because the Broncos thought he was a better fit and he had less baggage. Remember, Denver had just traded troubled receiver Brandon Marshall before the draft. Denver has made some poor personnel choices, but I can see the reasoning here.

Chris Gumz from Fort Collins, Co. wants to know if I think the Raiders’ 59-14 win at Denver on Sunday was a fluke or a breakout game for the Raiders.

BW: I think it showed Oakland has the ability to dominate games. I don’t think that was a fluke. Can Oakland play consistently? It hasn’t won consecutive games in 23 games. Oakland has to play well against against Seattle and then do it again against the visiting Chiefs before we can feel this team has turned it around. Consistency is the key. But the Raiders showed in Denver they have big ability.

Matt B. from Overland Park, Ks. wants to know if I think Bill Parcells could join his son-in-law, Scott Pioli, in Kansas City.

BW: I’d be surprised. I know Parcells has moved away from his duties in Miami and he has shown that he can’t stay away from the NFL for long. But I don’t think he’d intrude upon Pioli’s program. Parcells is not the type to sit back and watch and Pioli is in control in Kansas City. So, I don’t see that pairing happening unless Parcells someday decided he wanted to be around his family and was truly happy taking a back seat. If it happened, it’d be pretty fun to watch.