Sound-off responses

It is clear Kansas City Chiefs fans are thrilled by the team’s 5-2 start.

Our sound-off question this week asked Chiefs fans when was the last time they were this excited about their team and if they think Kansas City will keep up its strong play.

This is a team that is learning to win and it’s getting better. It runs the ball, it plays good defense and it’s well coached. Those are all winning ingredients.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Burnell Brown from Belton, Mo.: Hey Bill. I have been to every home game so far this season! And man, they have all been a lot of fun. I do think the good times will continue this season. I t feels good to hear the stadium rock again. Only thing about us becoming a good team again, Bill. As is always, the Raiders become good at the same time. GO Chiefs!

Damon from Colorado Springs, Colo.: 2003, Bill. The only thing that could raise my expectations any higher right now is if the Chiefs can get Moss off waivers. I will be at Denver and at Seattle and hopefully back to Arrowhead for a home playoff game.

Mike from Centerville, Iowa: I think the last time I was excited about the Chiefs was in 2007 when the Chiefs were a surprising 4-3 with Damon Huard and Larry Johnson playing well enough. We were 2-0 in the Division with wins over Oakland and San Diego. Then of course we lost 35 of the next 41 games. I think the Chiefs are a pretty good team. I think they are following a pretty set path and that this is a team that could win their first playoff game in 17 years

Anthony from Columbia, Mo.: I am more excited about this year than I was when the Chiefs went 10-0. That year was based only on trying to outscore everyone and hopefully our defense can make a big every now and then with no real plan for the future. This 5-2 Chiefs team is completely different. They have a good defense full of promising players that's only getting better everytime they step on the field. They have the best rushing attack in the nfl, along with the best coaching staff and front office. Not only is the team looking good this year but they look like a team that can be contenders for a long time.

Zach from Port Byron, N.Y.: After seeing the Chiefs start, it is a very pleasant surprise because of the 10 wins in 3 seasons. I would like to think the good times will continue as I belive they will. Many critics are saying the Chiefs are pretenders, not contenders, because of their outing vs. Buffalo. However the team was without the explosive McCluster involved vs. a Buffalo team that put up 34 points on the "great" Ravens defense.

Al from Evergreen. Co.: Being a Chiefs fan from the day I was born making that 22 years now. I am especially excited for this season and how it has been going considering the past few seasons. The main thing that has been really exciting this season is our rookies. They have made a huge difference. I am interested to see how the next two games go Oakland has really surprised everyone and the Broncos are struggling to get their feet under them. Some of the coaching staffs decisions this season have not been the best but I can't complain too much seeing that the Chiefs are only two wins away from having more wins the past 2 seasons.

Danny from Lawrence, Kan.:I am 26 and this is the most exicted I can remember being about the Chiefs since the days of Derrick Thomas. Now the Chiefs are a young team on the rise, under Vermeil it was an old team and you always wondered how soon the window would close. The current secondary could be the league's best in a couple years. Flowers is a star, and along with Charles and Moeaki, could end up being a perenial Pro-Bowler. Hali and Johnson are playing at high levels, and McCluster puts you on the edge of your seat everytime he touches the ball. This team plays hard and is improving on a weekly basis. If they can get a pass rusher and wideout early in the draft they could turn into a legit contender next year.

Andrew from Fullerton, Calif.: I knew that the Chiefs would be improved this season, but i did not envision a start like this. I am loving watching this team grow and improve each and every week. I think this game against the Raiders will go a long way to determining what happens the rest of the way. If KC can win, i think the cruise to an AFC West title. If not, it could come down to the wire with Oakland and San Diego.

Justin from Kansas City: I have been a Chiefs season ticket holder for 22 years, we've had some good times and bad, but I can honestly say I've never been more excited about the future of the Chiefs than I am now. The amount of young talent on this team is incredible, combine that with great coaching on both sides of the ball, and you have what seems to me a recipe for long-term success. Cassel gets better every week and our running game is unreal. Cant wait to see what the future holds.

Chris Beard from Beaumont, Texas.: Hey Bill!I remember very specifically the last time we were excited about the Chiefs. It was January 6, 2007, right before kickoff of the Wildcard game vs. the Colts. Larry Johnson was still a beast, and Indy had a horrible run defense. The amount of Chiefs fans at the game had us calling the RCA Dome "Arrowhead East." Unfortunately, the Colts put an end to our excitement as the Chiefs lost 23-8 to the eventual Superbowl champs. It was a downward spiral from there. Sure there were occasional bright spots, but the true optimism started with the opening weekend victory against the Chargers. I'm pumped about the rest of this season, and even more excited about the years to come. Go Chiefs!

Phil from Orlando: I am extremely excited and proud of my team, the Kansas City Chiefs. This seems to be our year and our team looks strong. The running game is devastating, JC and TJ are runnin all over people. Our rookies are the best in the league, and DMC is sick!! Cassel has been doing a good job, if we can get more out of the passing game (Moss!!) the Chiefs are going to be a serious problem come playoff time!! Let's go Chiefs!!!

Dereke Mallory from C.B., Iowa: It's been quite awhile since I was this excited about the CHIEFS! They have a few holes that need fixed like the passing game and the pass d, but they are really exciting to watch, I think the most exciting thing to me is they appear to be well coached, I don't remember the last time I could say that, maybe Marty? I was wondering If you think the lack of a win against a real good team is a big concern? I know they hung in there against the Colts and the Texans but a win would have been huge.

Jesse from Lenexa, Ks.: Bill- I haven't been this excited about Chiefs football since 2003 when we had an offense that could put up 40 points any game. I have been a Chiefs fan since i was a kid and am just so excited to see fellow KC fans back behind our team. With such youth on the squad, I have a feeling that people around the league are gonna be hearing about the Chiefs year after year as the old-school Arrowhead revives their role as "the loudest stadium in the NFL!"