Maybe Broncos and Chiefs should talk swap

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Here's an idea:

How about a Jay Cutler-for-Matt Cassel trade?

By now, the football world knows that the Broncos were involved in talks about getting Matt Cassel from New England before the Patriots traded Tom Brady's injury replacement to Kansas City. The Broncos' motivation was to reunite former New England offensive coordinator and new Denver head coach Josh McDaniels and Cassel.

Then, Denver, as ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports, may have sent Cutler to Tampa Bay.
The Broncos are now in a bind. Cassel is out of the picture and Cutler is upset that the Broncos entertained the thought of dealing him. Cutler would like Denver to deal him.

The Broncos can do one of two things: Try to mend the issue with Cutler or deal him. The problem is, Denver has no other quarterback options if it trades Cutler.

So maybe the Broncos go back to the root of the issue and offer Cutler to Kansas City for Cassel if McDaniels really would prefer Cassel. In most NFL circles, the younger, more experienced Cutler is considered a better player than Cassel.

Yes, Cassel fits the Patriots Way that McDaniels appears to be so consumed by and he runs the same system as McDaniels, but Cutler is the better player. Perhaps Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, another Patriot disciple who also lives the Patriot Way, would see a bargain and make the swap.

After all, talents like Cutler don't get shopped every day. Then, everyone would be happy. McDaniels gets to be back with Cassel and the Chiefs would get a very good player from one of their rivals.

Makes sense, right? But, of course, this likely won't happen because it all is so absurd.

But then, this whole saga has been absurd.