Where would Cutler fit?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

This is what we know: The Denver Broncos tried to trade quarterback Jay Cutler in an attempt to get Matt Cassel.

The problem for Denver and new coach Josh McDaniels, who wanted to reunite with Cassel, is that Cassel was dealt to Kansas City and Cutler caught wind of the talks. Now, Cutler would prefer to play elsewhere because he mad at the Denver brass. But Denver doesn't have a quarterback to replace him and unless it would try to get into the Kurt Warner talks, there are no quality replacements.

Still, with Cutler preferring to leave, the word around the league is that several teams could be having internal talks about what it would take to get Cutler. After all, 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterbacks aren't always on the trading block.

Here is a list of potential teams in which it could make sense for Denver to trade with if it can't mend the issues with Cutler:

Chicago: There have been reports that Chicago wouldn't get in on the Cutler talks. But the Bears would have to consider trying to get an upgrade like Cutler.

Detroit: The Lions were one of the teams that were involved early. The Lions could make perfect sense. They need a quarterback and Cutler is a much safer bet than a rookie. The Lions would likely have to include the No. 1 overall pick and perhaps more to get Cutler so Denver can try to draft a replacement.

Minnesota: The Vikings couldn't get into the Brett Favre sweepstakes last year because the Packers wouldn't let them. There are no such restrictions this year.

New York Jets: Cutler is represented by Bus Cook, who is Favre's agent. Perhaps the two come together on another blockbuster.

San Francisco: If the 49ers don't land Warner, maybe they could turn to Cutler.

Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers were involved with the Cutler deal on Saturday. There is no reason why the Buccaneers wouldn't try to press the matter with Cutler still seething.