Broncos needed to take this stance on Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Denver Broncos had two choices to make regarding the Jay Cutler drama that the team created.

They could either try to mend fences with their insulted franchise quarterback or trade him. Denver on Tuesday let the football world know that they are picking door No. 1 with this definitive quote: "The Denver Broncos are not trading Jay Cutler -- period."

This was the right move by Denver. The team had to say something. Several teams were lining up to consider making a move for Cutler.

Tuesday's statement told the league the Broncos don't want to trade Cutler, and it also showed Cutler the team was committed to him.

That was the most important part. Cutler needs to be shown some love.

When Cutler awoke Saturday morning, he felt good about being the Broncos' quarterback and he felt good about working with new coach Josh McDaniels. He wasn't happy when the team fired coach Mike Shanahan in December, but Cutler liked what he had heard from McDaniels during their brief relationship.

He didn't want to be traded. He is happy in Denver. Then his world was shook when word broke that that the Broncos were discussing trading for Matt Cassel, a deal that would send Cutler to Tampa Bay.

This created a huge mess for Denver. The fact that McDaniels, reportedly, wanted Cassel created an issue with Cutler, who didn't react well to it.

While several people close to Cutler said he was hurt, this is a fixable situation and the Broncos are going to try to fix it. Those close to Cutler say the QB is still upset, but if Denver levels with him he should be able to move on.

The team still has mending to do, but Tuesday's development is a step in the right direction.