Agent dealing with another loss

Posted ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

For the second time in 26 months, Troy Asmus is dealing with a tragedy involving one of his clients.

Asmus is one of the agents for Oakland linebacker Marquis Cooper, one of three men who are missing at sea in Florida. The Coast Guard called off the search Tuesday night because they don't believe the three missing men are alive after Saturday's accident.

Asmus was also one of the agents for Darrent Williams. The Denver Broncos cornerback was killed Jan. 1, 2007 in a drive-by-shooting after hosting a New Year's Eve party in downtown Denver.

"It's haunting," Asmus said Tuesday night. "This is so terrible and then it brings me back to D. Will and what we experience there. To deal with it again is tough."

Asmus reiterated the words of Cooper's father, Bruce and said the family is committed to continue the search and private search parties will continue looking for the missing party Wednesday morning.

"We understand and appreciate what the Coast Guard did," Asmus said. "But we're not ready to give up."

Because of their hope, Asmus said any funeral arrangements have been delayed.