Oakland Raiders: America's Team?

In a column on ESPN.com, Mark Kreidler is looking for a team to replace the beleaguered Dallas Cowboys as ‘America’s Team.’

Kreidler nominates none other than the Oakland Raiders. See what three straight wins gets you? Here is some of Kreidler’s reasoning for why the Raiders deserve to kick Dallas off its perch:

We looked around at the other options. Clearly, fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers can make a case for their team; the Steelers win all the time and they're a family business. The Green Bay Packers are literally owned by their fans, at least in part. The Philadelphia Eagles are being led by a quarterback who is making the most of a second chance at a football life. The Patriots have that revolutionary-sounding nickname. Worthy candidates all.

But in almost every way, the Raiders are a living snapshot of America right now. They're a big, sloppy mess. They don't always know what they're doing. They make some lousy choices and some inspired ones, and they often spend futilely. You can question their leadership almost any day you feel like it.

And yet, they're forging ahead, reaching for better days. They can even see some of those days within their grasp right now. What could possibly be more emblematic of the country that that?

Despised by the other powers? Check.

Often caught overvaluing their assets? Check.

Confusion at the upper levels of administration? Oh, baby.

We have a winner.

Did you ever think you would see the day when the Oakland Raiders would look like the saviors of our country? But what the heck, the Raiders are 5-4 and are flying high. Silver and black fireworks for everybody.

What do you think? I’m sure fans of every team in the AFC West have plenty to say about this subject. Fill up the comments section below with your thoughts.