Tim Tebow's first NFL pass memorable

DENVER -- Tim Tebow has another chapter for his memoir.

The legend of Tebow grew Sunday when his first NFL pass went for a touchdown.

Denver took a 42-10 lead over Kansas City early in the third quarter when Tebow entered the game and tossed a 3-yard touchdown pass to fullback Spencer Larsen. Tebow took a snap from the shotgun and stutter stepped like he was going to run, but then moved left and unleashed his much dissected left-handed delivery in the NFL for the first time. The ball effortlessly hit Larsen’s hands and he crossed the goal line.

The stadium erupted as Tebow was mobbed by his teammates. Tebow scored on a 1-yard run earlier in the game. He has three NFL rushing touchdowns. He has been on the field for two plays Sunday. Both went for scores.

This game will be remembered for much more than an unexpected Denver rout as Tebow marked his first pass in style.