No shocker: Denver cuts Jarvis Moss

Frankly, I’m surprised Jarvis Moss lasted this long in Denver.

The Broncos finally released the 2007 first-round draft pick Wednesday. Moss is a classic NFL draft bust. He never showed any burst, nor did he show an inkling that he’d eventually become a quality NFL player. Moss left the team during training camp last year, but he rejoined it after a short time away.

This was the final bad pick of the Mike Shanahan regime. I was surprised that Josh McDaniels kept him around this long.

Moss was drafted to be a pass-rush star. Shanahan and his crew were romanced by Moss’ big game against Ohio State as Florida won the national championship months before the draft. The Broncos liked Moss so much they traded up four spots to take him at No. 17.

His Denver career ends with 3.5 sacks. His last sack came in 2008. Moss played in 16 games the past two seasons and had just five tackles.

“He’s been a great kid for us, done everything we asked him to do. It just hasn’t been a perfect fit,” McDaniels said. “Hopefully he can find a place that will be a better fit and suits what he can do.”

The Broncos are hoping to get pass-rush linebacker Robert Ayers on Monday night at San Diego. Moss gave Denver nothing while Ayers was out. To take Moss’ spot on the roster, Denver signed linebacker David Veikune. The Hawaii product was a second-round pick of Cleveland’s last year. He was cut in September. He was a college defensive end.

Now Denver will try to make Veikune what Moss couldn't become -- a good NFL player.