Bowlen weighs in on Cutler developments

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The evening winds up with new developments in the swirling Jay Cutler saga.

The most eye-opening and potentially telling information of the 15-day old drama came from Denver owner Pat Bowlen and was reported in The Denver Post on Sunday. Also, Denver TV station CBS4 is reporting Cutler and Denver tight end Tony Scheffler will not attend the Broncos' offseason workout program, which begins Monday.

Big news, indeed. But let's tackle Bowlen's statement first.

A day after the two sides had another unproductive meeting (this time in person at the team's facility), Bowlen spoke and it is clear he believes the situation with his Pro Bowl quarterback is dire.

"I'm disappointed in the whole picture," Bowlen said, "not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback."

There it is. The Broncos have publicly said they think Cutler could be gone because of this ordeal, which began Feb. 28 when Cutler caught wind that the Broncos were in trade discussions about dealing him and acquiring Matt Cassel. They have publicly said they have been forthright with Cutler about only listening to trade talks, while Cutler's side has maintained the Broncos were trying to trade him.

The only way the Broncos are going to lose Cutler is if they trade him. And if they trade him, they must figure out soon how to get maximum value for the strong-armed quarterback, who is entering his fourth season. The Broncos clearly don't want to trade him, but Bowlen's comments show that the team believes it is a possibility.

Meanwhile, the report that Cutler and Scheffler will not attend Monday's meeting is intriguing for several reasons.

If Cutler does, indeed, not show up it will take his saga to another level. Even though it is voluntary, players are expected to go and for the quarterback to be miss McDaniels' first function as an NFL coach would speak volumes on the rift.

Also, the report that Scheffler will stay away is intriguing. Cutler and Scheffler are close friends and both players are represented by the same agent, Bus Cook. It has been reported that the team was shopping Scheffler because he doesn't fit McDaniels' system.

Yes, this thing is getting more interesting by the day, and Bowlen's quote only thickens the plot.