The best potential fits for Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Look away if you wish, Denver Broncos fans.

Now that Jay Cutler has officially asked the Broncos to trade him, it is time to examine what teams would be good trade partners for Denver.

Denver doesn't have to deal Cutler -- he has three seasons remaining on his deal -- and there is time remaining to mend fences. The Broncos have said they will not trade Cutler but team owner Pat Bowlen admitted Sunday the team may lose him.

It is clear this is a dire situation. Here is an updated list of potential trade partners:

Carolina: The Panthers will soon be looking for a quarterback. Why not now? Cutler would make this team a serious Super Bowl threat.

Chicago: The Bears have long needed a quarterback and Cutler would make them an instant contender in the NFC North.

Cleveland: It has been suggested the Browns could pursue Cutler and involve Brady Quinn. Denver could be intrigued to get a prospect like Quinn in return.

Detroit: The Lions were one of the teams that were involved early. The Lions could make perfect sense. They need a quarterback and Cutler is a much safer bet than a rookie. The Lions would likely have to include the No. 1 overall pick and more to get Cutler.

Minnesota: The Vikings have indicated they are happy with their quarterback situation but a talent like Cutler would make them a Super Bowl contender.

New York Jets: Cutler is represented by Bus Cook, who is Brett Favre's agent. Perhaps the two come together on another blockbuster.

Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers were involved with the Cutler deal early. It could be a perfect marriage.