Wrap-up: Rams 36, Broncos 33

A look at a Denver Broncos team in disarray:

What it means: The Broncos are playing out the string. They are 3-8 and are going nowhere fast. This looks like a team without an identity and without an easy solution.

Tomorrow’s talker: Josh McDaniels’ life just got more difficult. His team is 5-16 since it started last season, 6-0. His latest loss came a day after it was revealed that the Broncos and McDaniels were fined a combined $100,000 after the NFL determined that video director Steve Scarnecchia filmed a San Francisco walk-through in London a day before the 49ers beat Denver. The league determined that Scarnecchia acted alone and that McDaniels didn’t watch the film, but he wasn’t initially forthright about it. The issues are piling up for McDaniels. Losing at home to a team coached by a runner-up for the job he got -- Steve Spagnuolo -- won’t take the heat off of McDaniels, whose program appears to be a complete mess. The Broncos were never in this type of shape as a program in the 14 years of the Mike Shanahan era that preceded this regime.

Trending: Denver quarterback Kyle Orton continued his ridiculous season. He threw for 347 yards and three touchdown passes. Orton has thrown for 3,370 yards this season. Orton is a true bright spot.

What’s next: The Broncos go to Kansas City. The Chiefs will be looking for redemption and looking by 20 points at Denver two weeks ago. McDaniels upset Kansas City coach Todd Haley who did not shake McDaniels’ hand after the game. Haley apologized for his actions the next day.