McDaniels trying to keep program afloat

Embattled Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels addressed a Fox Sports report Monday.

The report said that McDaniels told his staff in a meeting Friday that Denver’s “Spygate” scandal is different than the one that soiled New England in 2007 because the Patriots practiced based on information it received from spying on opponents.

McDaniels stood by his staff, while never really addressing the story. He said he wouldn’t look into whether the story was leaked by a staff member.

“Just to clarify, our staff meetings [and] our squad meetings are very private things and very important to me and to them,” McDaniels told reporters in Denver on Monday. "I think the things that we talk about in there are supposed to be for our staff and our squad. So, to hear something out there about something that was said is disappointing. Again, I don’t know exactly what that was or who said it and I am not going to go chasing ghosts about what that is. I have a lot of faith and trust in our staff. I believe in them very much and I know they are going to work extremely hard here this week and the rest of the season as we go forward. For the most part, I couldn’t be any more pleased with the dedication that they have shown me, and that is the attitude I am going to take towards them.”

McDaniels is under pressure because Denver is 3-8 and just 5-16 after the Broncos began the McDaniels era 6-0. His seat got hotter Saturday when the NFL announced that the Broncos and McDaniels were fined a combined $100,000 after the NFL determined that the team’s video director, Steve Scarnecchia, filmed a San Francisco walk-through practice the day before the 49ers’ win over the Broncos on Oct. 31 in London. Scarnecchia was fired.

McDaniels was asked Monday if he is worried about his job status.

“It’s not my decision and not something that’s in my control,” McDaniels said. “I’m just going to worry about what I can focus on and try to control the things that I can control.”

Things are tough and Denver and it seems McDaniels is well aware of it.