Cutler fallout breakdown

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The timeline of the fallout between the Broncos and Jay Cutler that his agent, Bus Cook, gave the NFL.com is consistent to what I've been hearing all along.

Yes, Cutler wasn't happy about the firing of Mike Shanahan (he publicly said it on the night his coach was axed). But those close to him maintain he never asked for a trade as a result of Shanahan and his passing game coordinator, Jeremy Bates, being fired, even though he wasn't thrilled with losing the two men who molded him in the NFL. Cutler told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that on the record Sunday.

From everything I hear, Cutler was satisfied with playing under new Denver coach Josh McDaniels until the day the Matt Cassel trade talks were disclosed.

Cutler has been on the record on that as well.

The bottom line here is that this saga became a problem when the trade talks started and not before. The trust issue between Cutler and McDaniels is at the heart of the matter.

Sure, McDaniels may have been turned off that Cutler wasn't thrilled that his former coaches were let go and perhaps that got the trade talk rattling in his head. And if that is the case, that is all within his right as the head coach.

But the ball all got rolling in this mess with the Cassel talks.

Meanwhile, the NFL world continues its fascination with Cutler. Here is a look at some of the headlines around the league as news outlets wonder where Cutler, if he is dealt, will end up:

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