Events of the day could affect Cutler pursuit

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

There were two developments Thursday that could have some bearing on the Jay Cutler situation in Denver.

First, Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford had an excellent performance at his pro day. He displayed great accuracy and command and the showing could help him become the No. 1 pick in the draft. The Detroit Lions, who own the top pick, were, of course, present.

If the Lions were blown away by Stafford, they could decide to use their top pick on him. Detroit has been linked to talks about Cutler. It would likely take a package that included the No. 1 pick for Detroit to get the disgruntled quarterback. Perhaps Stafford's pro day performance will make Detroit decide that drafting him would be their best bet.

In Cleveland, defensive tackle Shaun Rogers has skipped the first few days of the Browns' offseason workout program. An Ohio newspaper has already suggested that perhaps the Browns will trade Rogers and quarterback Brady Quinn for Cutler. With Rogers staying away from the Browns' offseason program, which Cutler is also doing in Denver, it could make the Browns consider dealing him.

Rogers certainly fits Denver's needs. The team has long been searching for a dominant anchor for the defense. The Broncos tried to acquire Rogers from Detroit in 2008 before he was sent to Cleveland.

This development could be a step closer to putting Rogers on the trade market, along with a certain quarterback in the Rocky Mountains.