I ranked the quarterbacks

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

I played along with our quarterbacking ranking feature.

It was an interesting exercise. I learned it's a pretty good league for quarterbacks these days. Some of the players I had ranked low are quality players and are winners.

Here's my list:

1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis: Manning may be the best quarterback ever to play.

2. Tom Brady, New England: OK, Brady is 1b.

3. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh: Big Ben isn't pretty, but he's a winner.

4. Drew Brees, New Orleans: Brees has had his share of doubters. Not anymore. He's got the goods.

5. Philip Rivers, San Diego: Rivers is a winner. End of story.

6. Carson Palmer, Cincinnati: A good quarterback in a lousy situation.

7. Jay Cutler, Denver: He is not elite yet, but he's on his way.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta: What he accomplished as a rookie was astounding.

9. Tony Romo, Dallas: He may need to focus better, but he's a big-league talent.

10. Kurt Warner, Arizona: A future Hall of Famer.

11. Eli Manning, New York Giants: Peyton's little brother has proven he can win.

12. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia: He isn't perfect, but McNabb's a solid player.

13. Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle: Hasselbeck is a gamer.

14. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: He'll be a Pro Bowler by 2010.

15. Chad Pennington, Miami: A gutsy, hard-nosed player.

16. Matt Cassel, Kansas City: We'll see how he does outside of the Patriots' bubble.

17. Trent Edwards, Buffalo: He has a chance to be very good.

18. Joe Flacco , Baltimore: He has a chance to move up this list quickly.

19. Jason Campbell, Washington: This is a big year for him.

20. Matthew Stafford: Detroit may be wise to take him with the top pick.

21. Matt Schaub, Houston: I expect a big year from him.

22. Mark Sanchez: He has a chance for fast success.

23. Jake Delhomme, Carolina: He's slipping, but he's had a nice career.

24. Kerry Collins, Tennessee: He's finishing his career strong.

25. Jeff Garcia: He still has something left in the tank.

26. Brady Quinn, Cleveland: He will move up this list soon.

27. David Garrard, Jacksonville: He doesn't make many mistakes.

28. Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota: He's still raw and he needs to improve.

29. Marc Bulger, St. Louis: The end is near.

30. JaMarcus Russell, Oakland: The jury is still out, but he hasn't been impressive yet.

31. Derek Anderson, Cleveland: He needs a fresh start.

32. Kyle Orton, Chicago: He's just so-so.

33. Shaun Hill, San Francisco: Same with this guy.