AFC West news and notes

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear he is staying out of the Jay Cutler-Denver Broncos rift. Goodell entered the Brett Favre fray last year, but he'll stay out the Cutler mix which is sure to be one of the hottest stories at the NFL owners' meeting this week.

Here is a Denver columnist who strongly suggests Cutler's agent, Bus Cook (who is Favre's agent as well), is the root of the problem and that the quarterback should fire Cook. Yes, this saga gets more interesting every day.

Here's an Oakland columnist who thinks the young Raiders should sign savvy veterans Derrick Brooks and Amani Toomer. These two Super Bowl ring owners are among the classiest men in football, and they surely would help a young locker room that is trying to find its way. Still, it's unknown if either Brooks or Toomer would be interested in a reclamation project.

Here is a report saying USC quarterback Mark Sanchez will meet with Washington. This is interesting because it shows the Redskins are at least thinking about quarterbacks. Last week, they denied they are interested in Cutler.

Cutler's new backup, Chris Simms, has entered a strange situation. If things get worse in this saga, Simms could conceivably find himself as a starting NFL quarterback.