AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Patrick O’Kane from Ireland wants to know if I think prospective free agent Champ Bailey will stay with the Broncos even though they will be changing coaches.

Bill Williamson: It’s an interesting question. Things will change in Denver in the next month or so. There will be a new head coach, a new staff and perhaps a new front office. So, it all depends on who is brought in and what direction they want to take. It is also up to Bailey. If he thinks the Broncos are going to stay in the rebuilding mode, he may want to walk. Bailey showed with his dominant performance against Kansas City’s Dwayne Bowe last week that he is still a premier player and he will be coveted on the open market next year even though he will turn 33 before the 2011 season starts.

David Oliver from Tucson wants to know why the Raiders’ run offense ignited against San Diego last week.

BW: In the two previous games, Oakland had 77 combined rushing yards against Pittsburgh and Miami. The Raiders lost the two games by a combined 48 points. In a 28-13 win at San Diego in Week 13, Oakland had 251 rushing yards. The key was Oakland had success running up the middle against the Chargers. That starts the Raiders’ run attack. If the middle is clogged, it stagnates Oakland’s entire offense. Plus, the Raiders have long been a good matchup against San Diego on the ground. The Raiders seem to own the Chargers up front.

Brad from Omaha wants to know what I think of Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr.

BW: Carr is an underrated player. The 2008 fifth-round draft pick is one of Kansas City’s core players. He is a reason the defense is so strong. Fellow third-year cornerback Brandon Flowers gets a lot of press and it’s deserved. But Carr is having strong season as well. He was especially good against the Broncos on Sunday. In Flowers and Carr, the Chiefs are set for the long term at cornerback.