AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Thursday mailbag:

Millhouse from Los Angeles: What is the NFL's logic in assuming East Coast teams are affected by having to go out west, whereas West coast teamsa are not by having to go east? Just another example of the East Coast biased. God forbid the Patriots not the playoffs again!

BW: I really can't tell you, sir. I am with you and several people from West Coast teams are with you. If a trip from Boston to Oakland is taxing wouldn't a trip from Oakland to Boston be just as difficult? What West Coast teams want is a chance to play later games on the East Coast to get adjusted to the time change. But the league doesn't believes is a factor and because of scheduling issues I have been told there are no immediate plans to change the situation.

Mike from St. Paul: bill, what are the chances the Bolts trade down to get a second round pick this year?

BW: If you mean trading out of the No. 16 pick, I'd be surprised. Now, San Diego isn't afraid to make moves. But I think the team feels fortunate to have such a high pick and will use it on an impact player.

Cam from San Diego: Bill, What do you think about KC signing (G) Goff? I know SD planned to move forward without him. Seems like a good low risk move consistent with Pioli's strategy. Cam

BW: I like it. He's a solid veteran who can help the youngsters. Plus, Goff is massive. He'll be a good stop-gap answer for a couple of years.

Jacob from Lindsay, NE: The #12 will land the Broncos an impact player for sure but does it need to be a d-lineman or linebacker?? The secondary looks good with the free agent class. Thanks for all the good info in your blog, I can't better info anywhere else. Keep it up!!

BW: I think that's where Denver will start. The Broncos need another impact player at defensive line and at linebacker. That's where I see the Broncos starting their draft search.