'You pick it' responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

DANA POINT, Calif. -- We had four candidates for the AFC West story of the week in our "you pick it" feature.

The candidates were: The release of three 2009 games involving AFC West teams; the Chargers planning a pre-draft visit with running back Knowshon Moreno; the Chiefs planning a pre-draft visit with linebacker Aaron Curry and the Tony Gonzalez situation in Kansas City.

There were some interesting points made but it seems the more interesting story of the week was the Gonzalez situation.

Here are some of your responses:

Kansas City: The TG story is the biggest one because the other stories are actually not stories. Of course San Diego is looking at another running back, and the Chiefs interest in Curry another no-brainer. The TG story is interesting cause its not the GM or coach its the Owner. The owner of the Chiefs is practically begging the future Hall of Famer to stay when its obvious he wants to leave and play for a contender.
John from Hays, KS: Bill, love your stuff. I feel like the Tony G story in KC is huge. With Pioli and Haley reworking the entire franchise, the potential exit of the face of the Chiefs for the past 12 seasons could mean a huge shake up in Arrowhead territory.

Ray from KC: Bill, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the Denver cry-babies. Until there is real news about them trading Cutler lets leave that one alone for once. Whether San Diego drafts an RB or not is not really news either. I think they will be fine at that position either way. It honestly would be a wasted first round pick, but being a Chiefs fan I would be alright with that. I'm really interested in seeing whether or not the 3 disgruntled Chiefs show-up to voluntary workouts on Monday. If not what do you think the value (draft pick wise) of each of these players would be?

Enrique from San Diego, CA: The Chargers bringing in Moreno is a good thing even though I think they should target the linebacker from USC. With LT it's not a matter of if but when will he get injured. You have to remember with his last injury he did not have surgery or do anything medically to repair it, he simply let it heal itself. LT will only be here for the 2009 season anyways. Moreno would be a great impact player maybe even the next LT??? In regards to the schedule I always like beating the Raiders in there house in front of a national audience. We are going for wins #13 and 14 in a row this year. GO BOLTS!!!!

John from Shingle Springs, CA: I think you are missing the real top story. I believe it is the slight the East coast owners are showing the West Coast teams with their new schedule. It helps out the East teams coming West but ignores the difficulties of the Western teams travelling East. The unfairness, the lack of consideration shown to the West,is the top story to me.

Dain from KC: Gonzo is old news and his conviction his since of loyalty to KC and its fans will keep him there and he knows that at his age and expected time left to play he knows he can't garner on the trade block what kc would want and a mid rd pick wouldn't make up for the production he'll surely have. Brett Favre was a HOF QB(the most important position on the field) and only got a conditional 4th rder which maybe would of been a third but everybody knew the jets weren't gonna make a real SB run