Not getting Pennington for the best in K.C.

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

It is for the best that Chad Pennington signed with the Miami Dolphins and not the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs interest in Pennington, which was likely lukewarm at best, was understandable. Anytime the head coach has a relationship with an available player, he should investigate.

However, the Chiefs have a plan not to sign any 30-plus players and they should stick with it. Pennington, who the Chiefs liked as a backup, would not have changed the Chiefs' fortunes for the short term and he would not have made an impact in the long run.

His presence could have had a negative impact starter Brodie Croyle. The worst thing a young quarterback can have is the pressure of a veteran breathing down his neck. In the end, the Chiefs were smart by thinking about Pennington, but ultimately not aggressively pursuing him.