AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Dave from Denver: With the lingering problem with B-Marsh, is it conceivable that Denver goes with a wide out in the first round? Maybe Crabtree if he is available? Thanks Bill

BW: I don't think Crabtree will be there when Denver drafts with the No. 12 pick. Plus, the Broncos have too many other pressing needs. Maybe next year, if Marshall continues to have problems, Denver will try to get a top receiver. But it can probably deal with playing without Marshall for a part of this season if it has to.

Paul: I really like Jackson (LSU) for the Chargers at 16. I saw you mentioned some teams don't like him. Does this opinion vary based on the scheme? I could see him being too slow to play the 9 tech in a 4-3, but as a 5 tech in the 3-4, he seems pretty good. What do you think?

BW: Yes, I don't think some teams like him because of the scheme. He is a 3-4 player. He'd fit San Diego's system pretty well. Denver is also considering Jackson.

Dan from San Diego: Hey Bill, what are the chances of Michael Jenkins falling to us @16 and if he is there, do u think the Chargers will draft him and move him to safety to replace Clinton Hart? I know we need help at ILB but judging from last season i think our secondary is the more pressing issue and Jenkins is the best available defensive back

BW: Some people think so. Antoine Cason, last year's top pick, could also be moved to safety if Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins was picked by San Diego. I've heard enough about this that it is possible. But I think this might be a Plan B for the Chargers.

Mario from San Jose: BW do you think the raiders will trade Justin Fargas during this year's draft to get some draft picks for him?

BW: They could. I know Michael Bush was available earlier in the offseason. Oakland has a glut at running back and if a trade of Fargas helps other positions, then why not?

Ryan from Modesto: hey bill, with the trade for satelle do you see the raiders taking mack or another center in the 2nd?

BW: Good question, Ryan. I don't think so. Satele is entering his third season so he is young. Oakland has plans for him, but I do know the Raiders like Mack. Still, the presence of Satele may prevent Oakland from taking the home-town kid.